The Office Pass (TOP) launches 360 degree virtual tour of CoWorking offices

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TOP Technologies Private Limited that runs Neighborhood Co-Working (NCW) offices under the brand The Office Pass (TOP) launched 360 degree virtual tour for their offices. The company believes that 3D virtual tours will minimize dependence on site visits thereby reducing the sales cycle & enhancing productivity.

Over a period of time, virtual tours can help attract co-workers from remote locations – saving precious time and resources that would otherwise get lost scheduling a site visit, keeping contacts and staying at the site while many who will never buy – just come in to ask questions.

360 degree virtual tour of Coworking office in Sohna Road, Gurgaon

As per the company, there are several secondary of this technology initiative

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  1. 360 degree virtual tour creates a great first impression for the co-working Office spaces

Unlike conventional offices, Co-working offices in general are fairly lively & vibrant. This new concept can find many takers – when the experience is offered to potential co-workers on their Desktops and Mobiles. The 360 degree virtual tour is essentially a peek into TOP’s co-working business – the product we want to promote and sell.

Since TOP controls the creation of the virtual tour – as long as it shows online users what they can expect, it is almost 100% guaranteed to create a great first impression. We have the advantage of being able to choose the best time, angle, and lighting to perfectly enhance our product. We need to careful to make sure that these virtual tours can be replicated by actual product experience!

  1. Zooming in on office spaces that are of importance to you

There are different aspects of a Co-working office space. There is a seating area (open seating & private office), a relaxation or break-out area, a café, a reception, storage, wash rooms, pantry, smoke area, telephone booths, meeting & conference rooms and many more.

Different areas have different importance for Co-workers. Zooming in on areas that are of importance may give insight that cannot be guaranteed thru a picture. Still images can’t do justice because they are one dimensional & non-interactive.

360 degree virtual tour of Coworking office near HUDA City Center, Gurgaon

  1. Entertainment value

The majority of online users are fascinated with virtual tours. Given the choice of viewing a virtual tour or still images – or worse yet, reading about the product – most would choose the coworking virtual tour. Statistically, people who use Google Maps or Google Street View end up searching for familiar places as well.

Coworking virtual tour launched by The Office Pass (TOP) introduces them to these features and by doing so, giving co-workers added entertainment value that positions the company as a technology leader in the coworking office space in Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR.

  1. Virtual tours are effective sales tools

All the above advantages can positively influence the sales volume & cycle. TOP is targeting that users interest in their office spaces is likely to increase by as much as 20% in 6 – 12 months time – thru this initiative.

💡 Are you looking for Coworking space in Gurgaon, Noida or Delhi?. We are just a call away.
Call now: 08999 828282

The 360 degree virtual tour along with the Online Booking and Payment platform (launched by the company last year) is likely to remove the un-necessary manual process involved in the coworking business. These initiatives will not only benefit the company’s members, but will also make the business model scalable.   


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