7 Ways to Build Community in a Coworking Space

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7 Ways to build a strong community in a Coworking Space

Sharing the workspace with like-minded entrepreneurs is the major benefit of the coworking space. Owners of the coworking environment generally create a harmonious and welcoming environment for clients of diverse communities to work comfortably so; there is always a great possibility to build a strong community in the coworking space, here are few tips to follow to build a strong community in the co-working space.

7 Important tips to build a strong community in the coworking space

  1. Off-hour events
  2. Coworking blogs and newsletters
  3. Get people involved in decision making
  4. Creating accountability groups
  5. Professional and skill development workshops
  6. Communication Tools
  7. Create a members wall

Off-hour events

Humans are social. Hosting a happy hour party, potlucks, and after-hour events is a great way to get to know each other without distracting working hours. It also allows your business to build a new network with them and see if there is potential scope for collaboration. The events you plan for should sound purposeful. Instead of striving to establish communication between the people, get everyone into the same room and let them find the scope for establishing a new network. Curate the audience so that they find someone interesting to communicate in the event.

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Coworking blogs and newsletters

Sharing views and thoughts are also an excellent way of building a community. When you introduce a community blog or newsletter, spreading the word turns easy, and you will be able to invite people in the community to share their thoughts and views. It could be anything like current affairs, thoughts on prospects of a particular industry and much more.

Get people involved in decision making

Coworking space is all about sharing some common amenities like space, coffee, internet connectivity and much more. When you are looking for some additional amenities and willing to pay for it or any changes in the existing amenities like upgrading the coffee machine, LAN or VAN connectivity, get the people involved and take decisions together wherever it is possible. 

Creating accountability groups

This is one of the great ways to build the community in the coworking space. These accountability groups will meet regularly to share their views and aspects. The group members of the community will more proactively work on different projects and ideas. The accountability groups are nothing but informal check-ins, but they can also be an organized norm of the coworking space.

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Professional and skill development workshops

You can plan to share some of your skills with the people in the coworking space by hosting workshops. Of course, who would not like to enrich their skill set while working? This will create a more collaborative environment for people and help in building a strong community. These workshops can bring you a unique recognition in the community when you share your skillset with the people, and you will also get an opportunity to learn new skills in these workshops.

Communication Tools

Communication tools are an important feature to use to build a strong community in the coworking space. Create Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups where people can establish informal and seamless communication online. 

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Create a members wall

Coworking space is not for maintaining individual workstations; it is rather establishing strong communication with like-minded people or a group of young professionals with unique thoughts building a strong network and looking for growth prospects of your business. Put in your best efforts to break the ice and let the members of the coworking space communicate with each other by creating a member’s wall. Have every detail of the members in the community along with the photos, so the people who check the details on the community wall can spur the conversation immediately with the needed person.


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