Flexible Working: The New Normal of a Post-COVID World

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COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the entire world to the new normal, be it in terms of leading personal life or professional life. Many people who have shifted to work from home options from regular office jobs are struggling with productivity issues due to a lack of focus and attention on the work. Neither can they move to traditional big workspaces nor complete the job sitting at home. This is the juncture where flexible working spaces have become new normal for many people. It is time for every business to build more flexibility into human capital.

The need for a remote working office-like environment in a short distance to home has become new normal for many people who don’t want to combat their productivity amid fighting COVID -19 pandemic. The pandemic largely impacts even the coworking business, but it is working resuming operations as it becomes vital to embrace new normal for working and productivity.

The new normal way of working 

As many offices are resuming to work after lockdown, many employees are looking for different working ways. They are looking for a workspace that can promise good focus and combat the effects of a pandemic. There is a growing list of businesses looking to add weight by choosing flexible workspaces that are aided with the needed technology for faster productivity than work from home options.

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Frequent sanitization

Unlike normal routine clean up once a day, the coworking spaces are undergoing scheduled sanitization multiple times a day with a notice about the last scheduled sanitization conducted at each office area to take the right precautionary measures before using the space.

Stay in touch with the employees

By choosing remote workspaces over the work from home option, the employer can stay on track with the employees with advanced technology at flexible workspaces like zoom catches-ups. While these touchpoints reduce direct contacts while notifying employers that they are on track. The productivity of the employees can be easily measured and monitored by the employer.

Improved health

Shared spaces provide the employee’s office-like environment. The new distant work stations reduce the impact of COVID while comforting the users while they work all day. There have been increasing complaints about back and neck aches from the employees who work from home. Of course, laptops are not designed for long day work. If the major share of recommending remote work stations, it is a good option. Choose flexible office spaces that implement the right precautionary measures to combat the effect of a pandemic.

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Employees of top-ranked organizations seek remote location work over work from home options provided the right precautions are implemented at the office space to combat the effect of COVID. The distant and well-sanitized workstations will enhance the focus and attention of the users. At the same time, they work, and there will be a perfect line of difference between personal and professional life.


The shared workspaces are known for their flexible working hours. People are no more interested in 9-5 jobs with the effect of COVID. They are looking for flexible work hours where they can access office space during their more productive hours. These remote spaces are available 24X7; you can complete a job whenever you can think of.


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