4 Top Reasons Why Gurgaon is Called Millennium City of India?

Why is Gurgaon called millennium city of India?

Gurgaon is part of Haryana which has proximity to the national capital region Delhi. The city has evolved as a future for industrial and financial developments during recent times. There are approximately 250 plus offices and 500 fortune companies in the city, so, many job seekers look towards the city to start their career paths.

4 Reasons why Gurgaon is Called Millennium City of India

  1. Geography

  2. Right Investment Climate

  3. New Business Capital

  4. Luxurious Lifestyle


The Geography of the city is very advantageous for companies to establish their infrastructure at affordable prices. Its proximity to the national capital region has steadily earned fame and has turned into one of the best cities to live in. Even the start-up companies who are looking for affordable space can lease many co-working spaces in Gurgaon. It has turned out to be a lucrative destination for investment.

2. Right Investment Climate

The city is a mix of stable law and order, and burgeoning infrastructural development makes the favorable city destination for companies investment. The extent of land that is available for development is another reason for the city becoming a favorable destination. Already many MNC companies and domestic coworking spaces in Gurgaon have set up a shop for their companies. The city also has a good face in the real estate sector and has options for both affordable and luxury housing. The development of supportive infrastructure is going hand in hand plays an influential impact on each other.

3. New Business Capital

Space crunch in the cities like Mumbai and Bangalore has given rise to new business capitals like Gurgaon. The city has a huge scope for expansion and enjoys great proximity to the national capital region. These are the key factors that accelerated the growth of cities like Gurgaon. Many small companies are moving from Delhi to Gurgaon due to the affordability of the co-working spaces in Gurgaon. The infrastructure in the city is another big reason why it is the most favored new business capital in India.

4. Luxurious Lifestyle

Previously, past a few years ago, the city Gurgaon was known as agricultural land. Late then it has now turned into new business capital for many companies for the ones who are established and for the new companies as well. The city is now under rapid transformation from small agricultural land to the exclusive hyper urban city. The city is undergoing abundant construction of business venues, elite business venues, and it has transformed into a global city in no time. The city has got a mall in mile offering a luxurious lifestyle to the residents of the city. People even from the cities like Delhi and Chandigarh flock here to enjoy their weekends.

Few more reasons behind the makeover of the millennium city

  • Excellent metro connectivity to cities like Noida and NH8 and cities, making it easy for the employees to transport from different towns.
  • The city also has renowned hospital chains that have welcomed tourists comfortable living for the businessman who has made investments to establish a business.
  • It also has a mix of exciting places to visit, making the life of the residents on weekends more relaxing.


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