How Does A Good Startup Culture Benefit Employees?

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Why do people want to work in startups? Startups can’t usually afford to offer high salaries. It is the startup culture that attracts people. Hierarchies are not set in stone, energy levels are high and focused on innovation, everyone’s encouraged to take charge and be proactive… Every startup employee is part of a close-knit community. For a startup this culture is as important as its business model. 

The culture of a startup benefits not only the organisation but also its employees. Interestingly, a survey found that 95% of candidates valued culture higher than compensation.

Startup Workplace

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Positive energy in the startup workplace goes a long way in making employees feel personally invested in the company. The excitement and energy are reflected in work quality and personal growth. Let’s look at the benefits of a good company culture from an employee’s point of view.

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5 Amazing benefits of Good Startup Culture for Employees

  1. Opportunities For Growth And Self-Improvement
  2. Higher Productivity Increases Job Satisfaction
  3. A Chance To Think Creatively
  4. Build Stronger Relationships
  5. Better Mental Health

1. Opportunities For Growth And Self-Improvement

Fluid roles are the key elements of startup culture. Every job has different responsibilities but the limits are not set in stone. Being able to play different roles is important and employees are expected to be able to fill in for others when required. No two days are alike. This allows employees to work on expanding their capabilities, overcoming challenges and acquiring new skills with practical knowledge. 

Work Benefits

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According to a survey, 22% of the respondents valued the training they received from employers as the most important. A good startup culture meets this need and ensures that not just the company, but every employee grows and finds success. 

2. Higher Productivity Increases Job Satisfaction

While there are many startup culture pros and cons, one fact that cannot be ignored is that startups are warmer, happier places to work. And happy workers are 13% more productive. Employees can also see how their work directly impacts the company’s success. 

Since budgets available to startups are limited, many prefer coworking spaces rather than independent offices. This too contributes towards increasing productivity by reducing commute time. 

In turn, higher productivity increases job satisfaction. This is important for many reasons. It builds a positive sense of identity, increases overall happiness, lowers stress and so on. 

3. A Chance To Think Creatively

The ability to think creatively and innovate is highly valued in startups. When you look at startup culture examples, you’ll notice that they all encourage experimentation and risk-taking. Employees don’t have to follow strict protocols and if you want to test a new idea, a startup is an ideal place for it. 

The startup environment fosters innovation and gives all employees a chance to be more creative. They can look at a challenge from new perspectives. This makes them better problem solvers and impacts their professional as well as personal life. Interestingly, creativity is seen as the most important leadership quality outweighing qualities like influence, fairness, etc. 

Chance to think creatively

Source: Clutch

4. Build Stronger Relationships

One of the reasons why startup culture is good is because of the smaller team size. Unnecessary office politics are minimized and everyone works towards the same goals. Bosses are approachable and rather than maintaining hierarchies, everyone is treated equally. For the employer, it translates to fewer employees quitting because of their coworkers. A survey found that an unpleasant office environment/coworker is one of the main reasons over 60% of employees quit.

Unpleasant Office Environment.

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Startup employees are encouraged to work together and collaborate. It’s also a more relaxed atmosphere and get-togethers after work are quite common. This helps the team bond closer and forge stronger relationships. 

5. Better Mental Health

The importance being given to mental health and stress has been gradually increasing over the years. The link between stress and the workplace is becoming clearer. 

Better Mental Health

Source: We Forum

In the office, poor mental health means more sick days and lower productivity. Hence, it’s an issue employers and employees need to be aware of. This is where startup culture becomes important. 

More job satisfaction, opportunities for growth, the chance to think creatively, and good interpersonal relationships – all the 4 above benefits of a good startup culture contribute to lowering stress levels and increasing overall happiness. Startup employees usually enjoy a better work-life balance and mental health. 

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Building The Right Startup Culture

Culture may not seem important when it’s just a founder and 2-3 people but teams grow quickly. Before you know it, the company could take on a culture very different from what you had imagined. Startup culture should be seen as the company’s foundation. 

Start by defining values and put thoughts into practice from day one. If equality is important, make sure you prioritize it when hiring new team members. Company values should be understood and agreed upon by everyone.  

Similarly, if you want to build a company where employees feel valued, think about their needs and try finding ways to simplify their work experience. For example, give them the option of working from a coworking space near their home rather than commuting across the city or working from home. 

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