The Office Pass (TOP) Opens Its 11th Office on the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon

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The Office Pass (TOP) Opens Its 11th Office on the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon

Neighbourhood Coworking and Managed offices company The Office Pass (TOP) announced the opening of its 11th office in Delhi NCR. The new office is located on the prestigious Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. This addition will further cement the company’s leadership position in the Gurgaon market. TOP is the only Coworking company to have 9 operational offices in Gurgaon. In addition. the company operates an office each in Sec 4, Noida and Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area in South Delhi.

The company has been in the expansion mode post-COVID, led by the significant shift in businesses opting for Flexi / Hybrid workspaces over conventional leases. Earlier this month, the company announced its plan to open 4 new offices over the next 6 months adding around 1300 seats to its inventory. This is the first of the four offices that the company wishes to open. 

Top Meeting Room Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Meeting room at The Office Pass (TOP) office on Golf Course Road

TOP is the only company that offers Neighborhood offices to the Indian users. TOP offices are located in the city’s CBD areas and also around residential neighbourhoods making it easier for companies and employees to work from an office close to their place of residence/business. This concept has found favour post-COVID as employees do not want to travel long distance using public transport like metro & shared cabs. Companies also want their employees to work remotely as long as their productivity is not hampered. Neighborhood Coworking helps achieve this WIN-WIN.

“We are seeing a significant shift is customer’s preference towards flexi workspaces and would like to capitalize on this momentum. Earlier it used to take us 7-8 months to achieve break-even, however, post-COVID this has come down to under 4 months. If there is no further COVID disruption, we hope to open a new office every 45 days,” said Mr Aditya Verma, Founder & CEO, The Office Pass (TOP).

Work Place and Cafe Seating
Workplace & Café seating at The Office Pass (TOP) office on Golf Course Road

The commercial real estate market in India is extremely fragmented, with multiple small property owners. An offices space of 10,000 SqFt may have 3-4 individual owners. These owners lack digital marketing & office operation skills making it difficult for them to find a suitable tenant at an affordable cost in a reasonable time. Using technology and digital skills, companies like TOP are trying to formalise this un-organised market with its Neighborhood Coworking offering.


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