Top Pros and Cons of Coworking Spaces | What is a Coworking Space?
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What its like working in a “Coworking space”?

Working from home!! It sounds exciting for a short period, but you may find it quite perplexing in the long term. For people who want to enjoy the freedom of independent workers but want to stay more productive during office hours, coworking spaces may turn out to be the right choice. Every business has two sides of the coin, and the coworking industry is not an exception.

Coworking work

The shared spaces in Delhi are accessible on paying membership fees, and these payments are quite flexible as per the user’s individual needs. It can be daily or monthly. You will be part of events held here as well as have access to all the perks in the office space. You can choose to rent a hot desk where you are allowed to work in an open work area or a permanent work station. 

You will have access to perks like shared meeting rooms, coffee machines, cafeteria, and have an opportunity to meet more clients.

Pros of Coworking

Community Building

This is the biggest advantage one will enjoy choosing coworking in Noida over work from home. As you spend most of the time with like-minded professionals, you get to converse with them during the work breaks. Not every conversation you build with others turns productive, but it is sure to strengthen your bond with others. It helps you build the community, which is much needed for the progress of your business.

Proper Office Environment

Everybody would like to make most of their working hours in a day, which turns to be quite impossible for individuals while they work from home. It is ignored, a perfect office chair and work station have a key impact on the person’s productivity. When you choose to work in a perfect office setup, your productivity in a day will see an increase in performance.

Cons of Coworking


A noisy environment is a primary drawback of coworking space. You might be distracted by other people’s noise around you. If your job responsibilities need you to work more focus and attention. Rent for a private space in the shared office space.

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Might be expensive

If you are a self-employed person renting the coworking station may turn a costly option for you. It would help if you outweighed your raise in productivity that raises your income with the expense you pay for memberships before making a choice.

Is coworking right for you?

Reading the pros and cons of the shared spaces, you might have concluded if the option is right for you. Here is my analysis that helps you make an informed decision about your choice, whether you are an individual, SME, or corporate office looking for shared space.

You will be the right person to know what you want from renting a coworking space. It paves an opportunity to build networks and communities that increases your business. If you are in a market where the network turns a key for business growth, it should be the right choice. It is vital to check what your priorities are before jumping into coworking options. Few people like to socialize with people during work breaks but not sacrifice their work hours to attend business seminars, so; you should rent your office spaces accordingly.