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User Reviews 4.8 (73 Reviews)

User reviews for Coworking Space in JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, Gurgaon


User Reviews

User reviews for Coworking Space in JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
4.8 (73 Reviews)

aarooshi tyagi, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Great Place to Work. Started with a monthly pass but becoz of the nice ambiance and Friendly Co Occupants we signed a deal for full year. And yes not to miss is the comfort ad discounts they give to the females.

aarooshi tyagi

Sudipto Sen, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Very comfortable workplace with great ambience and pleasant work culture. Good facilities like wifi and coffee machine present. Highly recommend this place to budding entrepreneurs and people looking for a comfortable place to work.

Sudipto Sen

Harman Singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

For me, Co-working is not just a workplace. Its supposed to be an experience. An experience that is a synergy of nice cosy environment and a friendly atmosphere. This place provides it all. Anyone can provide an AC or a coffee machine. I have colleagues working in nearby office spaces. I can confidently say that this place is like no other in this area. The moment you set foot into this place, you get a feel of what i am trying to say. Its not something that can be described in mere words. It is something to be experienced in person.

Harman Singh

Sahil Wasan, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

The structure of this place is really well built.

Sahil Wasan

ajay singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Using it, loved it. Perfect place for entrepreneurs

ajay singh

Romit Mathur, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

TOP very organized work place.

Romit Mathur

RAKESH ATREE, User Review of TheOfficePass.com



Webnest Global India web design, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

That is a nice place to eat at office for the startups buy web nest global India

Webnest Global India web design

apee makker, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Really great place for offices. Highly focused and motivating environment. Competitive Pricing, Also really insightful events are organized time to time. Supporting Management :)

apee makker

Raveesh Kanaujia, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Very helpful staff and dynamic environment

Raveesh Kanaujia

Abhinav Awasthi, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Co- Working space. Great environment. Great place for a team of 6-8 members

Abhinav Awasthi

Supriya Choudhary, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Office place's always been boring but office pass is best place to work in...

Supriya Choudhary

Himani, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Great place to work.


pulkit goel, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Culturally the space is very healthy. Have worked at other co-working spaces as well but differentiating factors of this place are sensible infrastructure/ facilities, inclusive atmosphere and responsive management. Everyone's whose working here looks like a part of a single picture. It is a charming place to work at.

pulkit goel

Shivangi Sharma, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Thank you guys .. keep up the good work ..

Shivangi Sharma

Simran Nehra, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Traditional offices have seen their day. They no longer fulfill today's evolving needs and co-working spaces. But at coworks,we can get an excellent collaborative workspace. They have given the coworking space a household vibe: work in proportioned lounge room that serves as reception, breakfast room stocked with coffee and snacks, informal networking zone, and a convenient spot for Monday evening snacks. Its so great to have such a large format coworking operator in India. #CoWrksCommunity #AH2018

Simran Nehra

Shefali Aggarwal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Awesome place and great working environment. I love working here. Management is wonderfully responsive and maintains a very relaxed but professional atmosphere. Fabulous people and Solid internet connection. Private phone call rooms and conference rooms. I couldn't ask for more.

Shefali Aggarwal

Avinash Shahri, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Fantastic place to work - filled with energetic, warm and highly cultured folk from varied corporate/entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Avinash Shahri

Ayushi Singhal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

I really like the ambience of this place. Very good internet connection and people here treat each other really well.

Ayushi Singhal

Debraj Mandal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Was in Gurgaon for 3 days on an official trip. Had heard about The office pass through a colleague of mine and decided to rent the same place for my work as well. Though i am not the one who fancies writing reviews but i must say, my experience here has been a superb one and indeed calls for a write up. Exemplary service, well done up and bright interiors and family like atmosphere in the whole floor! The whole ambience never ever gave me a second to think that it wasn't my own office. Loved the aura, the culture and the vibration the entire office had. I will definitely be here again and will urge all to try the new generation work ambience. I wish the office pass huge success and hope they will be in my city Mumbai soon :-)

Debraj Mandal

Ashoka Exports, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Safest place for co sharing office

Ashoka Exports

Gaurav Sharma, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

The physical space of a business is so critical to a company’s success—especially a small business that needs to find ways to attract and retain top talent to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Gaurav Sharma

Harsh Arora, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

An Awesome Place to work. Great Ambience. Thanks a lot.

Harsh Arora

prerna singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

The Office Pass is a great coworking office space. It is a good platform to connect with like minded people and gives opportunity to network as well. The work environment is vibrant and energetic and at the same time ensures privacy and non-intrusive work culture. Would highly recommend this place to freelancers, budding entrepreneurs and startup companies to try this coworking place as they offer membership plans which are hassle free and without any security/ lock in period criteria. Prerna (Member at The Office Pass)

prerna singh

Mona Chawla, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Very comfortable workplace with great ambience and pleasant work culture. Good facilities like wifi and coffee machine of CCD. Very friendly office staff & helpful staff.

Mona Chawla

Anubhav Misra, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

If you like your co-working experience to be about productive work hours. This is the place.

Anubhav Misra

raina goyal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Great environment. Really like this place due to friendly coworkers and a good mix of female ratio. Would certainly recommend it to others! All the best guys.

raina goyal

parul keswani, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Excellent Environment..good facilities..very cooperative and friendly people..overall a great place to work !! 3 cheers to Office Pass !!!

parul keswani

sachin gaur, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Amazing place to work, community manager is really very helpful. loving It !!!

sachin gaur

Shivani Malhotra, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Great vibrant office space with positive energy!

Shivani Malhotra

Gitanjali Vashist Gaur, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

You will find all the great minds working out of here. Great quality people around to interact.. u alwayfeel like coming to this place.. a good team is thr who manages all things properly and always give that personal touch to each and every person coming here..

Gitanjali Vashist Gaur

Sukant Garg, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

"In every job that must be done there is a element of fun"...just like this office pass is not only a workplace its a second home.. we love to work here.. we all are connected and its a hub of professionals where you can get solution of your problem. Good maintenance..etc etc

Sukant Garg

Rohit Chadha, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

The best place to work with the best hospitality.

Rohit Chadha

Anuj Gaur, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Good co- working space. Very nice office and atmosphere.

Anuj Gaur

Sandy Dixit, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

I am using this space from last 4 months, i tried few other coworking spaces as well but The Office Pass has a beautiful ambiance and open working culture, i feel like I am working out from one of the best coworking space in Gurgaon. Thanks to Aditya, Sachin & Nikhil for the amazing space.

Sandy Dixit

manju chauhan, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

office staff is very cooperative and i got healthy environment to work.

manju chauhan

rasik goyal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Facilities of Office Pass is excellent .I can concentrate on my work ,the rest of the office chaos is taken care by them .the staff is very cooperative . All I can say is "this is amazing place to work" .

rasik goyal

Priksha Dalal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

" THE OFFICE PASS" - "STUPENDOUS" place to work, cool environment and very well coordinated by the founders.

Priksha Dalal

akshaye Agarwal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Fabulous atmosphere to work. Very helpful and co-operative.

akshaye Agarwal

Sonakshi Saraswat, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

amazing place to work...keep it up guys :)

Sonakshi Saraswat

Mukesh Bansal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Its a nice co working office space with positive wipes and beautiful environment. Very Well maintained. Strongly recommended office space for co-working environment.

Mukesh Bansal

Neha Gupta, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Awsome Coworking office place , Nice facilities, Friendly Atmosphere . I enjoy working from Office pass.

Neha Gupta

Priyank Singhvi, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Amazing work environment, energetic team of people handling the facility,like minded people all around,good place to network with people working across various industries.Place is full of energy.Good Conversations with good Coffee guaranteed !!!

Priyank Singhvi

rahul arora, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Perfect place for startups, freelancers or anyone looking for a better office space than what they already own! Best co-working space vibes in town.

rahul arora

gaurav singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Amazing place to work..Great ambience ..loved it.

gaurav singh

Dilip Kumar, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

It is a great place to work. Friendly management and co-workers. Flexibility in seating. And for me, it's all about unlimited access to the coffee machine.

Dilip Kumar

Achintya Gaumat, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Very decent space. very well managed and operated. The Founders are very understanding and actively take care of all our team's need. We get a lot of good feedback and guidance from the tech team of TOP. That makes our experience even more awesome. :)

Achintya Gaumat

Gitesh Chawla, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

If you are planning for co-working space, must visit this place once. I have seen lots of co-working space in gurgaon but didn't find any better than THE OFFICE PASS. Nice office, flexi packages, osm environment, good reach.. in short "THE BEST"

Gitesh Chawla

Manish Gidwani, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Amazing place to work.

Manish Gidwani

Sandeep sinha, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Its a very nice place to works and there services are Good,and there working environment is Amazing.....................

Sandeep sinha

Whizz Prints, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

This is a cool place to work. It would merit a recommendation on the basis of ambiance and ever so friendly staff. There are no photos-hoped images, pics you see here are for real. Hope they continue the good work they are doing off late. All the very best!

Whizz Prints

Javier Hernández, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

This place is awesome. The design is just top notch and things work just right. The level of service these guys offer is top of his league. The best spot to work from Gurgaon by far - feels super comfy to spend the day here and would definitively recommend to anyone looking for flexible office space in the area!

Javier Hernández

Saira Virdi, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Good thing about Office Pass is the people... While working in co-office environment one gets a great connection with people working in different industries which provides a good learning.Second, meaning may also come from working in a culture where it is the norm to help each other out, and there are many opportunities to do so; the variety of members in the space means that coworkers have unique skill sets that they can provide to other office members. I Love this place....home like feeling

Saira Virdi

Gaurav Singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

At budget pricing, The office pass is a great place to work. It offers all the amenties, it has been a very good experience working there for past two months.

Gaurav Singh

Prasenjit Singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

I've been working out of The Office Pass for over 2 months now, and I've (somewhat surprisingly, considering I've always felt most comfortable working from home) found it an absolute delight. The place is quiet, spacious with the welcome sense of airiness, thoughtfully designed and furnished. Of special note is the seating layout - at once both private and open, not to mention the flexible pricing and unlimited coffee. There's always someone interesting to talk to when you feel like taking a break. The AC at times, can be really chilly, but that's probably just me. Wholeheartedly recommend the place to anyone who enjoys a beautiful working environment.

Prasenjit Singh

Sneh Sharma, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

I am usually quite skeptical about these reviews as its common knowledge that they can be easily bought but after using their office for over a month now i couldn't agree more with the reviews below. It is indeed a professionally managed, lively co working space with flexible membership plans, good amenities and in general an easy going positive vibe.The owner's vision is to build a community of like minded people and I think they are well on track to do so! P.s Please do something about the temperature control guys! :)

Sneh Sharma

M S, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Hi, I personally visited the place and use their services, i got the following findings: Pros: 1. Ambiance is awesome, Office Location is awesome (on main road) 2. Management are great and helpful. 3. Seating are also good for longer duration like 8-10 hours working. 4. For kind of ambiance and services, i feel the pricing is quite lucrative. 5. Good place for meeting (3 - 4 person) or conference.(6 - 8 person) 6. Large conference (30 - 40 person capacity) can also available. 7. Noise Free, Clean, Hygienic, Proper Ventilation, AC, Power Backup Cons: 1. Large conference or seminar can be done only on Sundays 2. They do not provide private cabins at JMD Megapolis office 3. They do not have separate smoking lounge, you need to manage it outside the premises.


Amit Gupta, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Spend a day at the office pass. It was a real fun to work. They offer great flexibility in term of sitting. The service staff is very polite and responsive to requests. The chages are very reasonable. The coffee is on the house, guys with summers setting in a soda dispenser would give me a additional reason to come back ??

Amit Gupta

Arun Tadanki, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Very cool & vibrant office space.

Arun Tadanki

Nishant Singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Great place to work quietly, amenities are good, we conducted a week long training, here and it was a terrific experience, staff there was so warm. Work from home is difficult, Office pass is the solution. Highly recommended.

Nishant Singh

amit yadav, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Hands-down, great place to get work done. Lots of space to work in different configurations in a friendly & quiet environment. A very friendly & upbeat place, nice, clean and quiet too. This is the first time i am trying out a co- working space, enjoying the experience, I really appreciate the idea.....!!!!

amit yadav

sailesh chaudhary, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

The place is very nice to plan and finish your work. The staff is cooperative and respond to any requests you may have.

sailesh chaudhary

Kaushik Pal, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

My friend had been looking for a coworking space in Gurgaon and we got reference of TheOfficePass dot com. We were very impressed on reaching the place (JMD mall on Sohna Road) and after checking out the office facilities. Very modern and professionally managed shared office space in Gurgaon with great flexibility (just the kind my friend wanted) in pricing. My friend is closing on the offer (3-months pass) and happy to share more details of the place with anybody else.

Kaushik Pal

Prashant Singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Working from a world class office with gorgeous interiors..Coworking was never so sexier..If you have coworking on mind,look no further.

Prashant Singh

Santosh Singh, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

We have been using office pass since inception at JMD megapolis. This is an awesome concept. The design of the office and professional management has definitely been better than run of the mill coworking spaces. I particularly appreciate the background music and the layout of the office,

Santosh Singh

Neeraj Khanna, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Awesome Place to Work . Though I have just spent 2-3 days here . Great Ambience .. Friendly and Amazing Co Occupants .. Not to miss Excellent Coffee ;-) .. Guys if you can Provide me a smoking zone within office , I am signing a contract for next One Year .. Thoughts ?

Neeraj Khanna

Nikhil Madan, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Being a freelancer, used to operate from home but after visiting this place have fallen in love with the shared office space concept..using this place from last 1 month and really appreciate its cool interiors, well maintained space, helpful staff and my supercooool new found coworking friends :) 1 suggestion is to do something about temp. control as it gets bit cold due to centralized AC and play some good soft background music man :P

Nikhil Madan

Sumit Bajaj, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

have been using their space from past 13 days. Good stuff: flexibility they offer in tariff, which is cost effective since I travel 2 days a week...the space is clean and swanky, with all amenities...wifi has great speed... the building is well maintained with a lot of eating outlets and even breweries:P On the downside, the parking is paid, the breakout area is small and they don't have a color printer(for which I have to step out)

Sumit Bajaj

Sagar Tomar, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Best ???? working place. They provide ambience of services which are top notch in the league of co working space available around.

Sagar Tomar

dibyendu hore, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Best coworking space.

dibyendu hore

Sandeep.j. Gupta, User Review of TheOfficePass.com


Sandeep.j. Gupta

sahej malani, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

The Place to be when it comes to work. Productive and ambient spaces.. Ideal for all entrepreneurs, SMB's and startups.

sahej malani

Vishal Gupta, User Review of TheOfficePass.com

Using The Office Pass facilities from last 3 months, It has professional ambiance and provides all the facilities that generally a person requires in a co-working space, will definitely recommend TOP as a decent Co-working space.

Vishal Gupta