6 Successful Ways Of Using Customer Reviews In Your Marketing Strategy

6 Successful Ways Of Using Customer Reviews In Your Marketing Strategy

In today’s digitized world, a consumer considers a lot of factors before making a purchase decision. With about 90% of the consumers reading online reviews and about 88% of the consumers relying on online feedback as much as personal recommendations, what your existing customers think about your offerings prove to be one of the crucial decision-influencers. 

Well, with about 57% of customers encouraged to visit a website after reading positive reviews and about 86% of people discouraged to purchase from a negatively reviewed business, making every customer happy and proactive is a must. Don’t worry, of the 74% of customers who are asked to provide feedback, about 68% of them will happily do so!

Let’s have a look at some of the successful ways of using customer reviews in your marketing strategy.

  • Use It On Your Website

Displaying customer reviews on the key pages of your website acts as a stamp of approval. Whether you run a unisex salon in Hyderabad or a night café serving professionals coworking in Noida, customer reviews on your website are non-intrusive reminders of the quality of your service to every website visitor. A list of recognitions, honors, awards, and rankings is synonymous to a review by an institution or a third-party organization. Highlight them on your website!

  • Flaunt Them On Social Media Platforms 


Given the reach and rage of social media in today’s digitized world, a single word of appreciation can take your business places. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, the list is unending. Convert a customer review into a social media post and share it. The power of a social media post is incomparable as it can connect your customers across time zones and geographies at the same time within a blink of an eye! If users can affirm or second your posts by posting comments, it can further authenticate your efforts. While such reviews can act a great social media content, ensure you don’t do it till the point of nagging your connections.

  • Use Reviews In E-Mails 

E-mail marketing campaigns are one of the most trusted methods of marketing and promotion. It can boost your click-through and conversion rates. Attaching customer experiences with such e-mails can prove to increase the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaign. For instance, a café can attach short customer reviews as ‘their love stories’ along with mass e-mails sent across the community of professionals working in commercial complexes, corporate offices and shared offices in Noida. 

  • Use Reviews In Your E-Marketing Materials

Reviews can be used in various marketing collaterals such as search ads, brochures, and promotional videos. This can strengthen the credibility of your business. While brochures can include pictures and comments of your happy customers, videos can include short clips of what your customers have to say about you. Search ads can highlight the average ratings you have received on various forums. For instance, the marketing collateral of a commercial space designer in the NCR region can include snippets of how they transformed some of the cramped office spaces in Noida into a comfortable and spacious workplace. 

  • Place Them In Your Pricing Lists And Digital Business Cards

These are strategic placements of your customer reviews. Including them in the pricing list or pricing packages can convince the potential customer of the value that you are offering them. One review by a big-ticket client can persuade others to invest in your business. For instance, if you deal in coworking spaces in Noida, Pune, Hyderabad, and other cities, experiences of a highly popular startup about how comfortably they started in one of your offices and eventually made it big can be very helpful for your business. 

Similarly, one of the top customer reviews can be included in your e-business cards. It will give a solid reason to have your contact in their contact list. 

  • Publish The Reviews On Your Blog

The phenomenal impact of blogging in a world where content rules are immense. A blog is a space that complements your website, showcases your expert authority on your industry, provides a forum for customers to interact and aids the growth and development of other businesses that are related directly or indirectly to your business. Make smart use of your customer reviews by showcasing them on some of the key pages, such as the most-read blog posts. This will re-emphasize your authority on the topics you have written about and instill faith in the visitors. 

  • How To Drive More Customer Reviews 

Make it easy for your customers to drop a thought about your offerings, say by dropping a mail that includes web links to various review forums. Incentives such as discount coupons or gift cards are a great way to lure your customers in taking out time to drop a review. 

Make sure you don’t bother your customers at the wrong time and try to put up open-ended questions in the beginning to set the tone of the questionnaire. If you receive negative reviews, ensure that you respond promptly and genuinely admit as well as apologize for the mistakes. 

Take it offline if required and ensure corrective actions are taken. It is important to have an informal touch in such conversations because formal tone can accentuate the negative experience of the customer. Customer reviews can make or break you. So keep an eye on what your every customer has to say, so you can go a long way!


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