What Makes a Leader?

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What Makes a Good Leader: 7 Critical leadership qualities of Great Leader

Leadership is difficult to understand. A leader is one who finds the right balance between business foresight and the actual performance of the business. They are bound by most unique qualities like integrity, honesty, vision, courage, and focus along with the ability to plan and improve cooperation among the team strategically. Here are the seven most identified qualities of great leaders:

7 Leadership Qualities Of Great Leaders


The leader is one who always has a passion for a cause that is bigger. The leader should always dream of a vision that works for the betterment of society. A leader is not the one who is bound by charisma but one with the passion that makes courageous decisions but also carries them into action.  

Value Holder

A person who has life-giving values to society. A person’s ability to withhold respect for others makes them a good leader. A leader can be varying in warmth and fuzziness. The leader should be able to deal with diverse people effectively.

Make the hard choice

Great leaders are the ones who make hard choices and sacrifices needed to enhance the life of others. As a leader, it is not only your families that rely on you but also the families of the employees. You should be focused enough to see the results of your visions before you make choices. 


A leader should always be able to think out of the box and have good visions about the business and come out with effective strategies that will progress business vision. A leader should always act like a student and open to a learning curve.


A leader may fail in spite of having passion, vision and being creative, and the reason is lack of confidence. When the leader lacks confidence, the business vision cannot be brought into action. Despite a leader being creative and bright, unique ideas knock the door from someone else; a leader should be able to identify it. This happens only when the leader possesses qualities like humility and egocentricity. All the leader has to look is at the result rather no needed to see himself/ herself as a creator of the idea.

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The leader should be an effective communicator too. None of the above skills will be effective for the leader if effective communication is absent. A leader with effective communication can even handle a diverse team in the coworking space in Noida. They should join the team and get things along. A good leader knows how to get things right while a good manager knows how to do them right. A leader needs to be a good manager, too; it’s often difficult to differentiate the qualities in between. 

Planning Skills

Just having a good vision for the business does not make you a good leader. One has to know how to organize things and get them done. It is all about getting things done by the people. A leader is someone influential and even motivate the team for the change if needed. A leader is someone ready to take things into action and trying to get others to get something they want to see done.