What changes coworking spaces have made During Covid Crisis?
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What changes coworking spaces have made During Covid Crisis?

Covid 19 pandemic has left a massive impact on the coworking spaces, and it will continue to. While many offices are looking for an option for employees to work from home, it is not an option for everyone. Many people still want to return to the office to increase their productivity and draw that thin line of difference between professional and personal life. With the lockdown relaxations and safety measures, the coworking spaces are expected to find its feet and flourish. 

What to expect in the coworking space after covid crisis?

After you return to coworking in Noida, you may notice many differences in the office space that management has arranged for you to keep users less prone to novel coronavirus. Of course, the changes have become inevitable, and sanitization has been prioritized. 

Change in office layouts 

You can expect broad changes to take place at the workstations to free you from the fear of getting attacked by Novel Coronavirus. The work stations will be spaced up following social distancing norms.  You will see the coworking spaces full of dividers to offer you needed privacy while you work.

Restrictions in common areas 

Shared working space is all about using common utilities like meeting rooms, conference halls, cafeteria and other high-cost stationery items. To reduce the risk exposure, you will see these spaces occupied by the fewer chair with the latest documentation detailing the schedule of the last sanitization done. Post covid offices will have more frequent cleaning policies in place. The rooms will have amped up ventilation, and you can even expect the addition of UV lights for effective disinfection of office during nights.

Moving away from long term leasing 

The shared working spaces are turning flexible in the leasing contract. They are on the way to derive a way for extending or renewing their leasing contracts to help start-up stick on their agreements for flexible office spaces.

Socially distanced office 

Coworking spaces are thinking on social distance workstations where you maintain 6 feet distance between each workstation. The social distancing norms in the flexible office space will radically reshape office furniture. People no longer want to sit close to each other, so social distancing norms at the workplace may be incorporated to encourage people to use flexible office space. 

Simple solutions 

Aiming at the combat of covid -19 spread, employees are asked to practice hygiene like using hand sanitizer at regular intervals during their work schedules. They may be asked to grab paper placement over the desk and dispose of the paper at the end of the day mitigating the spread of covid -19 in flexible working space.

Contactless technology 

Many coworking spaces are gearing towards incorporating contactless technology. They are investing in the new suite of contactless technology to confidence users on lowering the risk of covid spread in the premises.  The company may use technology to remind the employees about social distancing norms. The contactless technology incorporated in offices will reduce the need for employees to touch the building with hands, thus reducing the impact of covid-19.

 Automatic doors 

The changes in the coworking space will start right at your entrance. You will see doors automatically opening welcoming your entry into office.  You may also find audio reception assistance in the elevators taking you to the desired destination without touching elevator buttons. These contactless operations in the shared office space will reduce your risk of being prone to Novel coronavirus.


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