How is coffee affecting your productivity in the office?
Coffee in Coworking

How is coffee affecting your productivity in the office?

Consuming coffee has become part of working life in many offices today. It is no surprise to say that there is no business space without a coffee machine or cafeteria. The question at this juncture is whether the coffee is a survivor or productivity killer of the workspace. Continue to read further to find an answer.

How does caffeine work?

Before you know the impacts of coffee at the workplace, you should know how it works on your body and brain. While few take a sip to jump-start to work, few take it to stay on task. I was surprised to read that coffee is the most psychoactive drug consumed across the world, and the reason is it does the job well.

It keeps you active by blocking the production of adenosine levels in the body, which are the reason for causing drowsiness.

 Coffee a real survivor of workspace 

Whether you are working in Coworking in South Delhi or a big multinational company, hectic work schedules in a day make you drained and uninspired. Coffee turns to be a benevolent source of energy for many exhausted professionals. It gives you a break from hectic work schedules.

Improves your performance and alertness at the workplace 

According to medical research, caffeine is known to have the ability to block receptors for adenosine, a compound known for drowsiness in the brain. A low dose of coffee in breaks is said to create alertness and improve mental performance. However, personal response to caffeine varies from person to person. For a few people, one cup does the job, and for a few people, there is no effect until the dosage goes to two. It is also known to improve your cognitive functions, memory, and alertness, thereby increasing your workplace productivity. 

Enhance willpower 

Surprisingly coffee is known to enhance your will power too. However, it is forgone to the conclusion to date; the willpower is depleted the entire day as you make decisions at the workplace. It can help in strengthening willpower and self-control when you are exhausted at the workplace. You will be able to stand on better grounds and make the right decisions by drinking coffee before a crucial meeting takes place.

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Coffee Helps You to Socialize Better

Team effort in the office is as important as individual performance. When you have to conduct a team meeting or client, good coffee on the table makes it easier to bond. A cup of coffee handy makes your appearance to others more relaxed and approachable. Starting a conversation about a cup of coffee is, of course, an excellent way to break the ice at the workplace. 

As per studies, people who drink coffee at the workplace can socialize easily and can initiate interactions with others, which is an important factor in driving productivity at the workplace. You will be able to create more meaningful bonds with coworkers.

Why does coffee take a blame game?

Effect quality of sleep 

Quality of sleep is very important for a person to have improved productivity at the workplace. Drinking smaller amounts of caffeine may not affect your sleep, but big doses may hit harder to fall asleep at night. It creates an unhealthy sleeping cycle, which ends up in poor performance during work hours. Overuse of coffee in the day may also upset your stomach. of course, you are the person who could decide the right dosage for you. However, be aware that large intakes of coffee can affect your sleep negatively and the productivity of your work in turn.


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