7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity As A Freelancer - The Office Pass
7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity As A Freelancer - The Office Pass

How Can Freelancers Improve Productivity

Freelancers are lone warriors who work on their own terms and conditions. No staying in the office till 7.30 PM whether you have work or not, no late marks, and no timed tea breaks. With no one to watch over you and tell you to stop procrastinating, it is up to you to ensure that you are working at your optimum productivity. Here are a few tips to help you improve your productivity:

7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity As A Freelancer

Keep away from distractions & comfortable places

Working in a public place can come with its fair share of disturbances. A typical example of that is a coffee shop, a common workplace of freelancers where people talk about everything from last night’s party to the latest political events. In order to improve your productivity, you should stay away from places that are full of distractions.

While it is important to have a comfortable environment, make sure that it is not too comfortable either. Places of extreme comfort like your home may also be a hindrance. The luxury of your couch might just lure you into watching an episode or 10 of Game of Thrones. A relatively safe option is a shared office space where everyone around you may also be running away from commotion like you.

Prevent procrastination from getting the best of you

We know, this is easier said than done. One way to keep away from procrastination is to break your huge tasks into smaller tasks, each with a reasonable deadline. Another way is to opt for a coworking space for freelancers where everyone is hard at work. The atmosphere may motivate you to break free of the procrastination web.

You may ask, “But how do I find a coworking space near me?Worry not! There are many companies that offer shared workplaces for freelancers. Do your research and you will find one that best suits your location and requirements.

Get rid of monotony

Doing the same tasks over and over just makes you feel like a robot. It beats the whole essence of freelancing – exploring, taking risks, living off the edge and on your own terms. Monotony comes with boredom which, in turn, lowers your productivity.

So, try to spice up your daily routine, indulge in interesting projects, take breaks, and separate similar work. For instance, if you are working at a coworking space for women, walk up to someone to strike a brief conversation to kill that boredom.

Clear the smog in your mind

Vision matters! Sometimes, decreasing productivity is caused by a mental block. Would you drive faster if you cannot see the end of the road? Likewise, you can perform an activity more diligently when you can clearly see the end goal. Thus, pave your path before plunging in. Have a roadmap ready before beginning a project. You can even take a detour or two and it won’t make much of a difference because you know the end target.

To plan your way, you need to brainstorm in the beginning perhaps with people you are coworking with or alone, whichever way suits you best!g

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Draw inspiration to move ahead

Inspiration drives you and spurs your productivity to new levels. Thousands of start-ups came into existence in the mid-2000s. Their inspiration may have been Google and Facebook but it doesn’t mean that you have to idolize someone or something and do exactly what they did. We just mean that you should learn from their journeys.

Inspiration need not be acquired from only the rich, successful and famous. You can take inspiration from anyone and anything. In fact, even your maids can inspire you from their double and triple shifts a day.

The must-haves at the workplace

This may seem silly but you need certain items to work in peace. Lack of essentials such as charging points close to you and high-speed Wi-Fi is like wearing shoes without socks. Sure, you might be able to do without them but you will end up with blistered, sticky, and smelly feet. And what do such feet do? They hamper your productivity!

A lot of you also require a desk and chair rather than a café’s beanbag to keep your thoughts flowing. The best way to overcome this hassle is to look for places like TheOfficePass that offers a work environment conducive to productivity. Small companies & professionals, looking for Coworking space in Gurgaon can What’s APP The Office Pass @ +91 8999 82 82 82 or drop an e-mail to hello@theofficepass.com.

Resetting is key to better performance

Being productive does not mean pulling all-nighters, skipping meals, and keeping away from every kind of enjoyment. Your mind deserves its mini-vacations to jump back with even more zest. So, treat yourself to a good night’s sleep, take regular breaks in the day, and perhaps take a weekend off. These recharge your brain and enable a better flow of thoughts. Some people have even claimed that meditation or Yoga helps a great deal in reenergizing them.

These are just a few ways in which you can catapult your productivity to new heights. Follow them and you will have a work-life that you love to the core.