Improve Air Quality at Work Place by using plants

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6 Best Plants for Improving Air Quality at Workplace - The Office Pass (TOP)

When you want to liven up your workplace in an organic way, decorating it with plants can be a great idea. Interestingly, plants can add a lot more to your workplace than just aesthetic appeal. Apart from having a visually meditative effect, plants can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and ensure a healthier environment to work in. As per a study conducted by the US space research agency NASA, there are certain plants that can improve indoor air quality. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work in an atmosphere that is conducive to not just your work but your health as well? We bring to you a list of plants that can improve the air quality at your workplace. Here you go:

List of 6 Best Plants for Improving Air Quality at Work Place

Aloe Vera

Improve Air Quality at Work Place by using plants

It’s not without reason that Aloe Vera finds a place of pride in a number of shared office spaces in Gurgaon. This is a plant that helps keep temperatures down, which makes it suitable for tropical countries like India. This explains its presence in offices in many industrial hubs, where the temperature soars high during the summer. But what makes this plant a true winner is that it helps to clear benzene and formaldehyde from the air. So, get an Aloe Vera plant keep it near your work station, and experience its magic.

Peace Lily

Improve Air Quality at Work Place by using plants

The Peace Lilly, also known as Spathiphyllum, is an ideal plant to have in your workspace. It scores high on the parameter of air purification – that is, it can purify the air by removing harmful toxins like ammonia, acetone, formaldehyde benzene, etc. from it. Peace Lilies are also low on maintenance. If your shared office space lacks large windows or lots of sunlight, you can easily select this plant to be potted there. It is a space-filling plant that grows well even in low light conditions.

Snake Plant

Improve Air Quality at Work Place by using plants

An important thing to keep in mind when looking for plants to be kept in your workplace is that they must be tough enough to withstand some neglect. The Snake Plant fits this requirement quite perfectly. Although you will need to water it occasionally, it won’t wither away if you don’t look after it for a couple of weeks. Preferring some sun and dry conditions for survival, this air-purifying plant can be a great addition to your office space. What’s more? You can travel or stay away from your office for a few days without having to worry about it drying up.

Spider Plant

Improve Air Quality at Work Place by using plants

Whether you are working in a normal office or a shared coworking space in Sohna Road, Gurgaon you would definitely love to walk into a workspace that is as vibrant as the surrounding areas. The Spider Plant can make it possible without much effort. It helps keep the levels of formaldehyde and xylene down in the air. An easy plant to grow, it is also very adaptable and can thrive in a variety of conditions. So, there’s no reason to think that you can opt for this plant for your office space only, it can be a great addition to any workplace or home anywhere as long as you can provide it a bright spot filled with indirect light to grow.

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Boston Fern

Improve Air Quality at Work Place by using plants

Who wouldn’t love to have a luxuriant green plant flourishing in their surroundings? And when such a plant helps to lower air pollution, it can be the perfect icing on the cake. The Boston Fern, which is known to purify the air by removing toxins like xylene and formaldehyde, is one such plant. While it needs no great labor to make this plant grow, the topsoil has to be kept moist. The next time if you spot a Boston Fern standing in a corner of your coworking space or any other location, remember that this tiny thing is probably working as hard as anyone else trying to purify the air for everyone’s benefit.


Improve Air Quality at Work Place by using plants

The Anthurium is known by various names like Flamingo Flower, Painted Tongue, and Tail Flower. The ornamental leaves and bright flowers of this plant make it an eye-catcher. Do you know that this exotic looking plant can easily suck up formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene and xylene from the air? It is this purifying quality of this plant that makes it one of the best plants for your workplace environment. With this plant around, you can have the best of beauty and utility.

Having indoor plants in your workplace might not look like an absolute necessity. But given their role in ensuring a clean and healthy environment, they are definitely something that you can’t ignore. If you are looking for a shared office that takes care of not just your infrastructural needs but your health and well being as well, is the right place for you. This coworking offers you a clean and vibrant environment with all things required to make a space an excellent place to work.