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Office Interior for millennials in India

From cubicles to open-planned setups, office interiors have come a long way. Small to big companies have begun to spend and create employee-friendly workplaces. Traditional office design is rapidly taking a backseat to allow room for more innovative and modern workspaces. What is driving this change? Mounting numbers of Millennials in India in the workplace are contributing to the evolution of office design. 

Office interiors for millennial in India have been regularly surfacing with patterns like ergonomics, multi-purpose furniture, etc. Modern layout methods have been integrated into contemporary workplaces to boost efficacy, enhance performance, and also inspire innovation.

According to a study by Forbes, companies in the past few years have redefined the concept of a workplace. They have provided their employees with the best in class office spaces.

The Office Pass Coworking Space- Perfect Example of Creative Interior Design

The energy of the Millennials cannot be restricted to cubicles. They want to break free as well as breathe in a setting that is conducive and motivating. The Indian startup boom and digitization of Indian sectors are redefining work environment fads. Be it working style, ethics, and skillset to workplace layout; everything is changing for the betterment.

Keeping in mind the latest trends, the office pass team collaborated with In art construction to give their coworking spaces in Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi a vibrant look. The Office Pass, Noida coworking office, has been showcased on Delhi Aaj Tak.  In an interview given to Aaj Tak channel by Shrey Anand, Director of Ardent Architects discusses what kind of interiors are done in “The Office Pass” coworking spaces, which sets it apart from other coworking spaces. Some of the pointers are:

  • Apart from offering a more clean and modern aesthetic, the Office Pass coworking space also comprises plenty of seating options that you would expect in a traditional office with a refined and modern look to set its members up for success when dealing with the daunting to-do list.
  • Interiors are done, keeping in mind every age group. Personalized lockers are given for storage purposes
  • Bringing nature inside the workspace by choosing indoor plants to boost air high quality
  • Nothing can beat the allure of hi-speed internet connection, LEDs, and the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Office Pass has integrated technology with the office design to attract the millennials and Gen Z
  • To accommodate people of different personality types, “The Office Pass” coworking office spaces have incorporated different types of workstations consisting of quirky furniture, bright colors, asymmetrical patterns, bold illustrations, bean bags, and couches while keeping the other areas subtler and more formal. This unique mix will certainly grab the eyeballs of every employee that walks into the company.


The millennials or the new generation entering into the office, and their expectations differ from their precursors. To keep them motivated and committed, workplace design is critical. This can help shape an organization’s performance. The year 2020 will aim to harmonize the environment, promote wellness, and experiment with unique techniques to instill a sense of togetherness.