6 Reasons Why Achievements Should Be Celebrated At Work
6 Reasons Why Achievements Should Be Celebrated At Work

Small Or Big, Why Achievements Should Be Celebrated At Work?

Being critical of mistakes that have been made is easy. When we think of success, we think in terms of 5-year plans and the company’s goals. If only, it was as easy to recognize and celebrate the team achievements along the way.

We associate success at work with hard work and take the small wins for granted. Some managers worry that celebrating these small work achievements will make others complacent or distract them from the bigger picture.

Some simply feel that these achievements aren’t important enough. But, did you know that a study showed that 79% of US employees left their jobs because they felt under-appreciated? Celebrating small successes is important. Here are a few reasons why.

6 Reasons Why Achievements Should Be Celebrated At Work

  1. Seeing people succeed inspires others
  2. Celebrating success boosts confidence levels
  3. Recognition motivates achievers to do more
  4. Accomplishing small goals builds a positive mindset
  5. Celebrations build stronger bonds
  6. Recognizing a cause for celebration

Seeing people succeed inspires others

Most people are competitive. When we see something someone else has achieved, we work hard trying to achieve the same level of success if not be better than others. If you take a team’s work achievements for granted, the other teams may not be able to find the inspiration needed to work harder and achieve similar success.

However, if you do celebrate these small but key achievements, the speed at which you progress towards your end goals may increase dramatically. By celebrating one team’s achievements, you have fueled everyone else’s desire for success.

Celebrating success boosts confidence levels

When we face challenges that we can’t find a way around, we begin to doubt ourselves. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, people find it easier to be critical of themselves than applaud their achievements.

They need someone else to recognize their accomplishments for them. And, when a business celebrates success at work, however small, it boosts confidence levels. This makes your team believe they can overcome the challenges ahead in their path and brings you closer to achieving your long-term goals.

Recognition motivates achievers to do more

There isn’t always a direct relationship between hard works to success. It’s hard to stay constantly motivated. Your employees are likely to take their small successes for granted. As a team leader, it is your responsibility to recognize these achievements and use them to fuel your team’s motivation. When you celebrate a team’s achievements, you’re telling them that what they have achieved so far is significant and, in turn, telling them that they’re on the right path. This pushes them to work harder.

Accomplishing small goals builds a positive mindset

We do our best work when we’re in a positive frame of mind. Celebrating small, key achievements triggers the brain’s reward circuitry and increases the production of chemicals like dopamine. It is responsible for that feel-good factor that energizes us. This pushes your team to continue its hard work and puts them in a positive mindset.

When your team is thinking positively, they can find creative solutions to challenges and thus achieve more.

Celebrations build stronger bonds

Celebrations are what bring people together. For a company to succeed, they need to work as a team and believe in a collaborative effort. When you celebrate a team’s achievements, it makes everyone believe that they belong to the same culture or group. This also helps boost loyalty towards the company and builds a strong work culture.

Recognizing a cause for celebration

Celebrations should feel special so you can’t go into overdrive praising everything that happens on a day-to-day basis. For recognition to count, it must be genuine. This means that you need to be able to recognize achievements that deserve a celebration. Some scenarios you may want to celebrate include:

  • An employee’s first big achievement
  • Achievements that make a difference to collaborative tasks
  • Achievements that are aligned with the company’s mission
  • Truly exceptional work
  • Consistent and reliable good work

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How To Celebrate A Win

When you celebrate team achievements, you must find a way to do so without making the individual or team feel uncomfortable or overlooking the work of collaborators. The way you celebrate the wins of a newly hired individual and those of a senior-level employee can be different. Some people may prefer a private gesture while others may want a more public display of appreciation. You must also make sure your celebration is proportionate to the achievement.

Simple ways you could reward accomplishments are:

  • Handwritten notes of appreciation
  • Department-wide emails
  • An announcement in a meeting
  • Flexibility on an upcoming project
  • A small gift or certificate
  • Extra paid leave
  • A mention on the company’s social media pages
  • Monetary bonuses
  • An office party
  • A team retreat

Funding The Celebrations

These small celebrations are important and will have a small impact on your finances. So, how do you budget for it? Moving from a traditional workspace to a coworking office space is one way you can readjust your budget allocations.

A managed office lets you lease smaller spaces for shorter periods, is a scalable solution and lets you customize the space to match your brand vision without any of the limitations of a traditional office lease. The operational costs are much lower and you can use the money saved here to reward small successes at work.

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