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5 Things you can try out while commuting to work via public transport

There are two ways to look at the issue of commuting to work by public transport.

First, being free from your steering wheel and the stress of traffic where you can actually use your time productively.

Second, being surrounded by way too many people in the dirty bus, train, rickshaw, metro with literally no space to even breathe.

Whichever way people may see it, the fact is that there are many takers of this form of transport due to necessity or perhaps will. Many officegoers, especially ones living in crowded cities, spend close to or more than an hour every day in buses, trains, or metros.

Here’s good news for you. There are ways – creative and productive ways – you can make the most of these hours. Here is a list of things you can try out while going to work via public transport.

5 things you can try out while  Commuting to work via public transport

  1. Prepare yourself for the day ahead
  2. Keep up with the world
  3. Listen to or watch something of interest
  4. Talk to people & make friends
  5. Meditate your way to work

1. Prepare yourself for the day ahead

First things first! You know it is going to be a very busy day in the office. Go over your calendar. Make a mental note or maybe an actual to-do list of the various tasks you need to accomplish that day. That’s not all. If you have a presentation, go over it in your mind. If you have a review meeting, list out the key points you need to make. There are many mobile applications you can use to organize your workday and to prepare a to-do list.

This is not just limited to work. You can even plan on what you will be wearing and cooking for the family gathering at the night.

2. Keep up with the world

Did you know Bali’s Mount Agung has created chaos on the island after a long silence since 1964? So much that the upcoming eruption is proving to be catastrophic for its tourism industry!

Reading an article while commuting to work - The Office Pass

If your day is packed, leaving you with no time to be up-to-date with the world, this is your time to keep up with what’s happening around you. Take a newspaper on your ride if you are old school or skim through your different news apps. You can also subscribe to online magazines and read one or two articles on your way to the office. Apart from current affairs, you can even update yourself on your friends or colleagues in your coworking space through social media.

3. Listen to or watch something of interest

Watch someting of Interest - The Office Pass

This ‘something’ can range from your favorite Lata Mangeshkar classics to Rihanna’s latest single or perhaps even a podcast. The trend of podcasts has been evolving and now you can select from a variety of topics. If you are not much of a reader, you can even opt for an audio-book. Go for the one and only FM radio, if none of the above choices interest you. This way you will have a mix of current affairs, songs with a little bit of humor at times. Either way, make sure that you use headphones so that your co-passengers are not disturbed.

Coming to watching something, you can select an entire movie if your rides that long. But for a ride that is about one hour or so, the best option is to choose an episode from a series. For instance, if you are commuting from Gurgaon railway station to your coworking shared office in DLF Corporate Greens, Gurgaon, you can easily watch an episode from Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory or Orange Is the New Black during the commute. Music videos, short feature films or random funny videos trending on social media are also amongst the popular choices of people commuting to work by public transport. Just pop those earphones and get lost in a completely different world.

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4. Talk to people & make friends

Not many people do this but if you are a fun, adventurous person who loves exploring and meeting new people, this could be good for you. Make new friends, share experiences and broaden your perspective by mingling with complete strangers on your public transport. It is often said that going out of your comfort zone helps you grow as a person and discover newer sides of yourself. This could be that activity for you. Utilize this idle time to figure yourself out a little more. And hey, networking, even if not for business, will always prove to be beneficial to you!

5. Meditate your way to work

Meditate while commuting to work - The Office Pass

We know this could be hard in a noisy environment, but it doesn’t necessarily mean folding your legs and chanting “Omm”. It basically means delving within yourself and concentrating on your breathing. You could perhaps do this by enjoying the scenery outside, thinking of a particular memory or day-dreaming about your fantasy world. Think about a happy place to just “get lost”. Your travel time could be the only part of your day when you get to yourself, so keep yourself content. If you are doing it right, the atmosphere around you won’t bother you even a bit.

Traveling to work doesn’t always have to be tedious. Utilize this time to do stuff that cannot be squeezed into your hectic schedule.

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