Why Everyone Needs a Reality Check on Coworking? -

Why Everyone Needs a Reality Check on Coworking?

Freelancer  workers and entrepreneurs  can  now enjoy the   benefits   of  working in the  fully stocked office without compromising  on their  benefits as individual  worker.  Co-working start up companies are  finding success   by offering their employees fun and  collaborative  work space with incredible amenities. Long  term suitability and  productivity at  the  work space  have  been brewing  problems  under the surface. The co working spaces have incredible  perks as  well as few drawbacks  affecting  the  productivity so a reality check on the  co-working space  turns  quite  important  before  making a  choice.

Financial viability 

Shared  office spaces are bundled  many  amenities  like  printers, Wi-Fi networks, coffee stations and many  other  perks.  The startup company using the space need not  worry about paying huge  rentals  to set  up an office. It  is a  financially viable  choice even for the  corporates who  wants  to extend  their  operations  to the  distant locations.

 Unbeatable perks and amenities 

Shared spaces bring unbeatable amenities that no startup company   can afford. Apart  from good  internet speeds and  plug and  play work stations, office spaces also equip  on demand  meeting  rooms, cafeterias, jogging and gym  areas  of employees  there  motivating them for  healthy  workouts.

Flexible options 

Many companies and individual workers would like to go for demo before  they  make  shared  working space  their  choice  of  work station. Adhering  their  requirements, they are  many  flexible  options  like  desk rentals   for a  day  or  month  before taking the  final call.

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Collaboration and networking 

This  is a  huge  benefit   your  business will enjoy with  coworking space  rentals.  You  will be  working with many   people  of different professions  under  one  roof and this  gives a  chance collaboration with your  friend companies  that  may  progress  your  business and  build a strong  network with the professionals  in the  other fields that  may  turn helping  hand  for  your business  in near  future.

Noisy affair 

As  people  of  different  professions working around   you. working in a shared space  can be a  noisy affair. It may disturb your focus on the work and affect  your  productivity.


People socialize  more and  discuss  non work  related  issues and  there are  chances  of  more conflicts when you share same space with others.  You  privacy  may  be at risk if you happen to share the space with your  competitor.

 The reality check 

  • Don’t either  fall  for  the  low  rentals  or amenities the owners  of  the  coworking space  offer. Check if the space  is  noisy  to  work  or many  people  getting  around  to socialize as it  may  impact  productivity. Look for  the  office space that  offer  sound proof work stations and  conference  rooms  for important  meetings.
  • Check if  the  office  is commutable and  you have ample working space. searching  for  parking space  in the  parking  lot  or  renting a  cab  for  longer  distance would  waste  your time.
  • Amenities offered  by the  coworking  space  owners  look attractive but consider their effect  on  your productivity which is most  important  for any business.
  • Check for  the extra  incentives  that  coworking space offers  like meet with  industry  experts through periodic functional  sessions. 
  • You  can even  conduct  trail sessions  for few  days  or weeks to examine  favor ability of  the work place as  per your work  requirements. Check if the place is noisy or right  work environment  for  to gel with  your  coworkers. 


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