Work from Home vs Shared Office Space or Coworking Space

The Office Pass - Work from Coworking Space in Gurgaon

What are the challenges in working from home?

Work from home, is, in that respect, a little too comfortable. The environment and comfort of home can be counter-productive for all those who do not possess utmost self-control and concentration abilities, especially when there are other family members around (that can be very distracting). It is very casual, and not the place you’d have in mind to schedule a meeting with a potential client or a company employee.


A person’s own home is easily the best place where you would rather be at nearly all given time. Home helps you to relax, take things easy and just be yourself. You frame the rule of the game and you only, get to keep or break them. Life seems all set. No other place can provide the comfort and convenience that a home does. This is true, till you add another person to the equation or work requirements grow far more than previous. In the case of the latter, focusing on work becomes pivotal for the growth of the business, for it will set the tone for the future. The pros n cons to work from home are explained here.

The Office Pass - Coworking Space in Gurgaon - Work From Home


The Office Pass - Work From Coworking Office Space

For the reasons mentioned, a home may not be an ideal place for businesses and professionals who strive for fast growth. They need alternative options that are not too expensive, yet offer flexibility that a business requires. That is where shared office space or Coworking space comes in. Some features of such offerings are listed below

4 Features of Shared Office Space or Coworking Space

  1. An office at minimal cost
  2. Flexibility & Easy Hours
  3. No Distractions
  4. Expanding Network

An office at minimal cost

You need to have an office if you’re looking to build something big, for reasons including working, expansion, inviting clients et cetera. Investing in your own office, whether a purchase or a lease, can be a big ask, especially taking into consideration the first requirement – being economical. A shared office space or co-working space gives you the benefit of all office features, for a comparatively minuscule cost.

Flexibility & Easy Hours

booking your office space can extremely easy, courtesy of many online Coworking websites and mobile applications. You can also control beforehand how long you’d like to stay in the office, and pay for it accordingly. You can book MONTHLY, DAILY OR HOURLY as per requirement. That way you can balance your time between the professional and personal realms of life.

No Distractions

Here’s one huge selling point of shared or co-working space. They may be flexible and convenient, but that isn’t at the expense of professionalism. You can get some serious work done, in an environment meant to stimulate and boost productivity, and also retain vital privacy and discreetness.

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Expanding Network

You are guaranteed to come across several people in the same boat as you are, and those people are the ones with whom you can discuss and debate new ideas, propose or enter into a collaboration, or, at the very least, expand your network with those who understand your needs, your ideas and your vision, having been there themselves.


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Happy Coworking.