Why is it better to take a Coworking Space in Noida vs Gurgaon?

Coworking Space in Noida

It is pretty obvious why freelancers and start-ups simply love to choose coworking spaces. It is an amazing experience to work in an atmosphere where you are surrounded by innovative minds and numerous ideas. With the upsurge of the Indian economy and also entrepreneurship, there is a change in the working style. Employees are no more bound to a 9-6 day job as remote jobs are gradually becoming popular. It is likewise playing a vital role in developing a community of like-minded individuals, aside from offering an effective functioning area to the start-ups and corporate. To suit this current and evolving workforce, several coworking spaces in Noida have come up.

As per the CBRE’s report, “India is considered as the second-largest market for flexible workspaces, second only to China.” 

Why is Noida a preferred choice over Gurgaon for Coworking office space?

Noida has become the leading planned industrial township in Asia. It has actually undergone a fantastic revolution in the last couple of years and also becoming the epitome of India’s growth as an economic superpower.

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4 Reasons why Noida is a preferred choice over Gurgaon for Coworking Space

Hub of MNCs

Noida has become a preferred location for the IT and IT-enabled service industry, with huge MNCs establishing their businesses here. It is coming to be the preferred location for firms offering BPO, BTO, along with KPO solutions in numerous domains such as financial services, banking, insurance, pharma, automobile, fast-moving consumer goods, and also production. Today, Noida is the vital center for various international IT firms like Tech Mahindra, HCL, TCS, Sapient, EXL, First Trip Carrier LTD, WIPRO, IBM, and a lot of various other well-known companies. An affordable coworking space in Noida can be customized as per your requirements to fulfill all your professional needs.

Great Connectivity

Noida has a wonderful connection in regards to roadway networks through DND Flyway, Yamuna Expressway, as well as NH24. Aside from the well-connected roadway network connection, Noida is appropriately connected to the metro network, which attaches it to different parts of Delhi NCR.

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A preferred choice for real estate

Also, thanks to the different entertainment zones, well-established industries, renowned healthcare institutes, universities, and schools. Noida has acquired tremendous popularity and interest amongst property builders and buyers who have elected it as their most favored real estate destination in the Delhi NCR region.

Cheap Rentals

A rising number of shared workplaces are being set up in Noida because of the low rentals as compared to adjoining NCR regions like Gurgaon. Considering that the rental fees are reduced in Noida, the fees for workstations also come down, making Noida a suitable option for everyone.

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Virtual office space in Noida in the existing era is not merely a personal demand; however, instead, a movement, for it is definitely redefining the means we work and live. The open nature of work in many es is currently leading the way to a long-term future via a new work-life equilibrium along with benefiting a myriad of companies, freelancers, along with businesses. 

The Office Pass coworking space in Noida provides all the modern amenities required for the business. They provide high-speed internet, printing and scanning machines, conference and meeting room with inbuilt facilities like a projector, whiteboards, etc. to discuss plans and events.