Are Coworking Spaces Worth It? Know 7 Benefits of Coworking Spaces
Are Coworking Spaces Worth It? Know 7 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Are Coworking Spaces Worth It?

There’s a large segment of the working population that doesn’t work out of traditional offices. Some work from home while others work from coffee shops. Today, there’s a third alternative available- coworking spaces. This is a model that allows individuals to work individually or collaboratively in a shared office environment. Whether you are an entrepreneur, owner of a small company or a freelancer, you can choose to work in such shared office spaces. Of course, just as in a coffee shop, there is a cost involved in choosing to work here. But are coworking offices worth it? Let’s find out.

Coworking Space in Cybercity

Top 7 Benefits Of Coworking Spaces

  1. Higher Productivity
  2. Better Work-Life Balance
  3. Networking
  4. Think Creatively
  5. Get Access to a Number of Facilities
  6. Save Money
  7. Get Fitter

Higher Productivity

There’s no denying that working from home or a coffee shop is relaxed and stress-free. On the flip side, this relaxed vibe can make you lazy at times. You may want to take a nap in the middle of the day or call a friend over. Coworking spaces have a similar stress-free environment but everyone who comes here has a purpose and work to get done. When you see the people around you hard at work, you will be less tempted to give in to yourself and may find yourself being a lot more productive.

Better Work-Life Balance

Working from home means no office hours. If needed, you can go shopping in the morning and get work done at night. This flexibility is alluring but it also blurs the lines between work and personal life. You may even find yourself watching TV while you work. Working a coworking space helps create a distinction between work hours and personal hours. This way, when you’re at work you don’t have to worry about the plumber coming in or when you need to walk the dog.


For freelancers and entrepreneurs, networking is essential. After all, how else will anyone know about you and your company and your work? People from all fields come together in coworking spaces, making it an ideal space for effective networking. Most of these spaces also regularly organize networking events where you can meet the other people working around you. This gives you an opportunity to get new leads and form new partnerships.

Think Creatively

Artists aren’t the only people who need to think creatively- entrepreneurs do so too. Moving out of your house into a coworking space with its bright color schemes and beautiful décor gives you the inspiration to do just that. It can also keep you from burning out. That’s not all! You may even find ways to improve your productivity when you talk about it to other people in the coworking space.

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Get Access to a Number of Facilities

You can hold meetings in a coffee shop but when you do so, you have no control over distractions that may occur. Coworking spaces typically have conference rooms and audio-visual rooms where you can hold meetings with potential clients in a professional atmosphere. You also get access to a range of other facilities such as printers, IT support, coffee machines, high-speed internet, etc.

Save Money

It may sound counter-intuitive but spending money to book a table at a coworking space may actually save you money in the long run. At a coffee shop, you can’t simply sit at a table all day without ordering something. So, you get yourself a cup of coffee or two, a sandwich or a muffin to snack on. None of these come cheap and when you multiply the cost by the number of days you work each month, it can be quite exorbitant.

Get Fitter

Working from home and working from coffee shops may not be good for your health. At home, you’re constantly tempted to snack on something while you work. At a coffee shop, you’re consuming calories by the hundreds in the endless stream of coffee. At a coworking space, the tendency to snack is much lesser as seeing everyone around looks hard at work pushes you to focus too. Also, if you choose a shared office space in Gurgaon that is closer to your home, you can even walk to work. This means you can get your daily dose of exercise without trying too hard.

If you are considering a shift from your couch to a coworking space, find one that’s close-by. There are coworking spaces to suit every budget, so don’t simply assume that they’re expensive. Give them a call, find out, and make the right decision.