Coworking office near me – The Next Big Trend

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Coworking Office Near Me : The Next Big Trend - The Office Pass (TOP)

We are evolving. Our working styles, our techniques, and even our offices are evolving with us. Did you know that over the years, working at home and at the office was joined by a third option – working out of a café? We have Starbucks and CCDS to thank for revolutionising the way we work. It gave us a third space to work at, other than our home and our offices. It was considered an escape from the other two. And now, we have coworking office near me – the next big trend.

Why I should use coworking office near me?

Today, we want more than big pay packages and paid holidays from work. You may be doing your dream job. You may be getting an enviable salary too. However, spending two or three hours in traffic, every day, is the last thing you want, right? As your organisation cannot have offices build in every neighbourhood, you can use a shared office or a coworking office near me that gives you an advantage over normal offices. There is something more to coworking office spaces which is making them increasingly popular. Here is why such spaces are becoming the next big fad:

4 Reasons Why Coworking office near me is so popular

1. Escape the long hours of commute

It is Monday morning, a bright sunny day to accomplish a whole lot. Feeling energised and full of plans, you head for work. But guess what? It takes you 50 minutes to just drive past your street! Bam goes your energy, down by maybe half by the time you reach work. On average people spend two to three hours on their daily work travel, in some cases one-way, especially in the larger cities. If it is such a major task just getting to work, are people even left with any zeal to work when they reach all drained and weary? Maybe not!


This is why people have begun embracing the concept of coworking office near them. Imagine that you are a freelancer or start-up entrepreneur living in and around Sohna Road, Gurgaon. You don’t have to deplete your energy travelling all the way to New Delhi or any other city centres in Noida. Opt for a coworking in Sohna Road and do away with those long hours of commute and have a fresh start to a fulfilling day of work.

2. No more excuses to stay fit

People all around the globe complain about the lack of time to work out. When it comes to our health, we always prioritise others – family, friends, and work. Why is it that we keep thinking of fitness every day yet, “Kal se Pakka” is how your thoughts conclude? Nobody has ever denied that the key to a good life is a healthy lifestyle but they still don’t pay enough attention to it. You wouldn’t believe what a few minutes of workout can do to your body and to your life.


This is when coworking office near me such as those provided by The Office Pass come to your rescue. Not getting any time to work out? Well, WALK TO WORK! You can no longer use the excuse of work when it comes to fitness because they will go hand in hand now. The easiest form of exercise you could think of is now easily doable too. This keeps you fit and pumps up your energy early in the morning. All you now have to do to stay fit and healthy is to go to work!

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3. Networking in the community around you

You would not believe what kind of wonderful people are all around you, right in your neighbourhood! This is a key reason people are progressively opting for coworking office spaces. You will find like-minded, goal-oriented people in your own neighbourhood. And it always helps to network, share ideas, thoughts, problems, inventions, and much more. You get a broader perspective when you discuss with people, even more so with strangers. You will be amazed at the kind of opportunities you can encounter simply through interacting.

Connections can take people a long, long way. Thus, surround yourself with the right people and start networking. You might just find potential employees, clients or even co-partners in your neighbourhood office space.

4. Give back to society

You must have heard the phrase “What you give is what you get.” Here is your chance of contributing to the community you live in. Neighbourhood offices offer the concept of “Walk to Work” which eliminates your driving hours, thereby reducing the pollution caused by the same. Not only are you doing away with the stress of driving in traffic, but you are also giving back to society, making it a healthy place for everyone to live in.


In fact, companies are also always looking for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) opportunities to help the community. How about opting for such neighbour shared offices to help keep the air clean and thrive in a healthy society?

If you are living in and around Gurgaon, try out the shared office Gurgaon. Coworking office near me – is not just a routine of working with several people around you. It is an experience that will change the way you look at offices and work environments. Such spaces might be a recent phenomenon, but they are here to stay! Small companies & professionals, looking for Coworking space in Gurgaon can What’s APP The Office Pass @ +91 8999 82 82 82 or drop an e-mail to