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Coworking FAQs - The Office Pass

What is The Office Pass (TOP) Co-working?

The Office Pass (TOP) Co-working essentially involves an environment where professionals, small companies, freelancers & startups come together to work towards their business. This environment is a shared office space, complete with all facilities that one requires during their hours at the office, including peace of mind, high-speed WiFi, coffee & chai, conference & meeting rooms, printing and lockers etc. The users pay per seat rather than the per square feet area they use.

What is Neighborhood co-working (NCW)?

Neighborhood co-working (NCW), as the name suggests, is different from co-working as it caters to a target audience nearby (< 5 km). The fundament premise – people love to work in a high-quality office facility close to their place of residence/business rather than driving or commuting long distance.

How do I benefit from The Office Pass (TOP) Neighborhood co-working (NCW)?

The Office Pass (TOP) provides Neighborhood co-working (NCW) space & Shared office space in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR while taking care of all expenses associated with opening and operating an office. Expenses such as Office rent, maintenance charges, office furnishing & equipment, Air-conditioning, electricity, WiFi, security, housekeeping etc are all clubbed into a small fee per seat called “membership fee”. You just pay the membership fee and leave the rest of the hassles to us. This saves companies & individuals valuable time and money, which can be used to improving the productivity of their business.

Who should use The Office Pass (TOP) Neighborhood co-working (NCW) and Shared office spaces?

The Office Pass (TOP) Neighborhood co-working (NCW) & Shared office spaces are ideal for Freelancer (1-2 members), Micro (3-10 members), Small & Medium (11-50 members) enterprises. Large companies can use The Office Pass to host employees in cities outside their main head office i.e., as a remote office.

What are the timings for “The Office Pass (TOP)”?

TOP Neighborhood co-working (NCW) offices are open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. Our offices are closed on Sundays and on designated holidays. Exact office timings are displayed on our website.

What do I bring to the office/work?

Just bring your laptop and power cord and get started! Feel free to bring anything else that you may need. Refer to the facilities and amenities that we provide (each location could be unique in its offerings). Please keep in mind that we are a Neighborhood co-working (NCW) or shared office space; so you will have other members working together. Anything that causes inconvenience to other members would not be allowed.

Can I use the Neighborhood Coworking (NCW) space before I become a member?

Yes of course, you can experience our office for FREE before you make up your mind. Just e-mail your request @ or What’s APP @ 8999 828282

What services or facilities* do I get as a member of The Office Pass (TOP)?

TOP members get a host of services & facilities including

1. Peace of mind: TOP membership gives you access to warm, friendly, high-quality, ready-to-use Coworking offices. Your membership fee entitles you to a desk/bench and a comfortable chair. It also includes costs associated with air conditioning, electricity, maintenance, office rent, housekeeping, security, furnishing, and effective lighting. Our offices are designed to boost productivity through collaboration among our members.
2. Hi-speed & reliable WiFi Internet: you get free high speed & reliable WiFi internet connection – qualitatively superior as compared to most offices – to help improve your productivity. You just need to have a device (mobile, laptop, computer or other) with WiFi connectivity.
3. Coffee & Chai from Café Coffee Day: our coworking space offers Coffee from Cafe Coffee Day. Oh, and Chai. And of course Water, on the house. Enjoy it with your team or with other members on your desk or at the break-out area.
4. Meeting & conference rooms: all our offices have meeting & conference rooms. Hold team meetings, entertain guests, do conference calls from the state of the art meeting & conference room facilities. You need to check for their availability before making the booking. This being a shared service, pre-booking is highly recommended.
5. Prints / Copies / Unlimited Scanning: each office has at least one multi-function printer/copier/scanner. Your membership comes with pre-decided free prints /copies in black & white and unlimited scanning per desk. Check with the office manager for more details.
6. Lockers: travel light, drop your office stuff in our lockers at a small cost. Each Coworking space has a limited number of lockers.
7. Refrigerator & Microwave: keep your food & beverage fresh with refrigerator and heating facilities at our coworking space.
8. Telephone & SKYPE room: receive and make calls from the privacy of a dedicated room. No disturbance to other members.

* Facilities may differ from one office to another, so please verify before confirming

What method of payment does “The Office Pass” accept?

We love “Cashless” payments. You can pay through net-banking, credit card, debit card or through payment wallets. Regular Office Pass members can also pay by cheque at the office. TOP website (desktop & mobile) has an online billing & payment mechanism that can be used to make payments in under 3 minutes.

What are the various types of “The Office Pass (TOP)” memberships?

The Office Pass (TOP) memberships are available to satisfy different requirements.

1. Regular membership (ideal for everyday users): if your work requires you to come to the office every day, you are advised to take Regular membership. Under this membership, you get a dedicated chair and desk for the tenure of your membership. Refer to the regular member price list for details.
2. Flexi membership (ideal for infrequent users): if your work does not require you to come to the office every day, you are advised to take a Flexi membership. Under this membership, you do not get a dedicated chair and desk. Instead, you use a chair and desk from the ones available on that day/time. Flexi membership can be taken for the full month (Monthly Pass) or x number of days (Daily Pass) or x number of hours (Hourly Pass) in a month. These passes can be customized based on your requirements (with a validity of one month). Refer to the Flexi member price list for details on The Office Pass website.

Which is more economical – “Regular or Flexi Membership”?

Regular and Flexi Memberships cater to separate requirements of the members. If your requirement is to come to the office every day and work out of a dedicated chair and desk, you will find “Regular Membership” more suitable. However, if your work does not require you to come to the office every day and you do not require a dedicated chair and desk, “Flexi Membership” will work out more economical for you. The monthly charge for a Flexi is lower when compared to a Regular Membership.

What are the discounts** available for “Regular” and “Flexi Membership”?

1. Tenure based discount: tenure-based discounts (up to 20%) are available for “Regular and Flexi members”. If you pay in advance for 3 months membership, the discount is 5%; for 6 months 10%; for 9 months 15% and for 12 months it is 20%.
2. Women member discounts: to encourage more female participation in the workplace, we offer an additional 10% discount to all women members.

Please do not embarrass us by requesting more discounts – “instead of pushing us to deliver greater value”.

** These discounts are temporary in nature and may be withdrawn.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, you can. Please inform the office manager in advance about your visitor plans. If you plan to have visitors for more than 1 hour then you will need to book a meeting room or buy a day pass for the visitors. These can be booked online or through our office manager.

Should I have to wait till the 1st of the next month to become a member

No, not at all. You can join anytime you want!

1. For Monthly membership, if you join:
a) on or before the 15th of the month, you will be charged prorate for the month

b) after the 15th of the month, you will be charged prorate for that month plus an additional month

2. For Daily / Hourly membership, if you join:
a) on or before the 15th of the month, you enjoy the full benefits within that month i.e., assuming the date of booking is the 10th or 15th of the month for a 10 Day Pass, you use 10 days before the end of the month. We will invoice you again on the 1st of next month.

b) after the 15th of the month, you enjoy the full benefits till the end of next month i.e., assuming the date of booking is 16th or 25th of the month (say June) for a 10 Day Pass, you use 10 days before the end of next month (i.e., July). We will invoice you again on the 1st of next month (i.e., August).

Can I stop-by when I’m in the area or do I need to make an appointment before coming?

Please feel free to drop in anytime. We work Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. Our office manager would normally be around to help answer your queries. However, we recommend that you book an appointment by e-mailing @ or What’s APP @ 8999 828282 so that we can give personalized attention.

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Do I need to submit any KYC documents?

Yes, you will need to get KYC done. As per the Government regulations, the following documents can be used as KYC documents:

1. Passport
2. Voter’s Identity Card
3. Driving License
4. Aadhar Card

Can I cancel the membership of “The Office Pass (TOP)”?

Yes, you can. If you wish to discontinue or cancel your services (for any reason) you can do so by writing a request at You need to inform us in advance as per the notice period mentioned in your contract. All such requests will be processed in accordance with our cancellation policy. This facility is applicable for all members (both Regular and Flexi) after they have completed a minimum of one month of their membership.

My work requires me to talk on the phone a lot. Is that going to be a problem?

The Office Pass (TOP) is a Co-working space where it is essential that all members work without inconveniencing the others. In case you need to be on the phone for long durations, we recommend that you book a meeting room. For short calls, you can use our phone booths that are available for free. However, if your calls cause in-convenience to others, we will have to cancel your membership in the larger interest of the community.

Do I have to sign any license agreement?

Yes, there is a license agreement. All members are additionally required to accept the Terms & Conditions which details responsibilities and obligations from both sides. We encourage all members to go over it in detail.